Mayhem Triple



Killer bunnies from the future are attacking the Earth


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Mayhem Triple is a spectacular action and platform game in which players take the role of a nameless hero who has to face the invading hordes of killer bunnies from the future, who have come to our time to... well... destroy the world for some strange reason.

However, the best thing about Mayhem Triple isn't its crazy story, but rather its excellent gameplay. As you control the hero of the day you will have to beat a series of two-dimensional scenes where you will come face to face with tons of enemies and overcome ridiculous jumps and obstacles.

You can use your mouse to control your character's sights and aim wherever you want, while you use the arrow keys to move the character himself.

You will find a considerable arsenal of weapons to defend yourself, including pistols, machine guns, and shotguns, which you can shoot while you are running or, Max Payne-style, you can jump into the air and shoot as you fall. In addition, the protagonist can run up the different walls in the scenes Parkour-style, which gives the game a very fun platform touch.

Mayhem Triple is an outstanding game which, though it is completely free, could definitely sell for a lot of money. It might not have the best graphics out there, but this game is definitely better than a lot of others that people want to charge you for.
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